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    Carol's Unique Gifts from the USA
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Custom with Business Name

Engraved Bottles
  Sculpted Christmas Trees
      with clip in light
  Sculpted Pumpkins
      with clip in light
* Magnetic front connection offers "as needed" access to your readers
* Unique, patented, ergonomic, reading glasses
* Never misplace your readers, this is the last pair of glasses you will ever buy!!!
* Unisex, fashion forward, and one size fits all
*7 different magnifying powers 1.25 to 3.50 are available
* Available in cool colors or transparent clear
Clic Glasses
Clear, Black, or Brown
Sculpted Pumpkins
Sculpted Pumpkins
Unique gifts are special and have special meaning.  Give someone a custom engraved gift like our melted glass bottles.  They also make great serving dishes. Our unique gifts include custom melted glass bottles, corporate gifts, purse key holders, cell phone holders, Sculpted Christmas Trees, Sculpted Pumpkins, and clic glasses.
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     Custom Melted Bottle
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