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Frequently Asked Questions:
Do you ship outside the United States? Yes, we currently ship to United States Addresses and other countries.

What are your shipping charges? We ship via USPS and use their Flat Rate box, to save you money. Each flat rate box is $9.95 and can sometimes hold two Melted Bottles (plus protective wrap), so if you order more than one bottle, I will see your orders and let you know if they fit together. If they do, I will discount your shipping in the form of a refund. That is the least expensive way to handle shipping for now.

Can I put my Melted Bottle in the dishwasher? Please DO NOT put your melted bottle in the dishwasher. The surface protectors and special label may come off or get ruined.

Is my Melted Bottle food safe? Yes. Our Melted Bottles do not contain any lead based coatings or paints, like some others. We use only non-toxic adhesives to apply the labels and decor. That is why our labels are sensitive to extreme heat and being immersed in water for a long period of time. Looking good is important, but safety is number one!

Other Care Instructions? Your Melted Bottle will last a very long time, if you treat it like any other special serving dish. Gently wash it with soap and water and dry it before storing. Don't use an abrasive sponge or cleaner on the back of your Melted Bottle if it has a label on it. Be careful not to tap the Melted Bottle against a hard surface or it may break, just like any other glass dish would.

Do you take custom orders? Yes, that is what we specialize in.

Do you drink all that wine & liquor? No way! We recycle bottles given to us by friends and there are a few restaurants and pubs that save bottles for us, too.

How do I order your ebook, How to melt bottles?

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